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Black Dating Sites Or Mainstream Sites

Using a black dating site can come with its own advantages and disadvantages. Although interracial marriages are on the rise the vast majority of people that end up together are of the same racial background. There are a few options for using black dating sites and here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of doing so.

First of all the main benefit is that if you are attracted to or seeking a black male or female partner, the database on a black dating website is usually quite specific to only black male and female users. Many dating websites do not have a filter for ethnicity or to sort users in such a way, it normally goes off of a match or rating system. A black dating site will save someone who seeks this kind of connection a lot of time as they will not have to sort through a ton of different profiles in order to find black users.

There is a possibility that some people in online communities may not know about the existence of black dating websites so they will not have their own profile available on one of these websites. There is also a chance that you may miss out on users who are of different ethnicities and have not created profiles on a black dating website.

Some of the top black dating websites include:

BlackSexMatch.com: This website features profiles from people who want to hookup with black men and black women around the world. The website is free to join and register and features a fairly simple interface that can be used by just about anyone. There is a good sized user database with people from just about every country around the world. There are also a number of success strategies from several different users which prove that the site is no joke and has created real meaningful connections between users.

Blackdating.easydatingagency.com: This is another website that allows people to create a free profile and try the service. Even by visiting the website someone is able to search through thousands of users to see what is available in their area and on the database. With a clean look and the ability to post media on a user profile this website allows users to connect and customize their profiles much more than many of the largest dating websites on the market.

Afroromance.com: This website is for interracial dating. People who are interested in dating different ethnic backgrounds from their own can use their website to search among black, Latino, Asian or white profiles making the connection very easy. There are a number of success stories on the website and it is quite easy to create a profile and start mingling with other users online. This service is also entirely free and has worked for many to find romance and make connections.

Keeping these websites in mind and some of the advantages and disadvantages of black dating in mind you can pick if using one of these websites is the right choice for you to help you make the best online connections possible for dating.



BlackSexMatch.com is one of the most popular black adult dating sites online. The traffic to the site is at 577,000 visitors per month, it’s a very busy site. This is probably one of the best dating sites if you’re black and looking to hook up single black females in your community. As you can see from the chart below they have a very active database of over half 1 million black people per month!


Black Sex Match is obviously going to be more popular with the black community, that is a no-brainer. When it comes to age, most of the people visiting this site are between the ages and ages of 35 right up to 65 years of age. More men than women visit the site on a daily basis, this is not uncommon with online dating sites because there are always much more than women who frequent dating sites.

Top Countries

When it comes to the countries, the chart below shows at all. United States is in the forefront with 47.5% of the visitors. Second is France with 6.6% of the visitors coming from France. And third place is the United Kingdom with 6% of visitors. If you are from any one of those three countries, then you have a good shot of meeting someone locally. If your country is not on the list, then I don’t recommend signing up to BlackSexMatch because your chances of meeting someone are probably going to be quite slim.

Contact Info

Website Owner: Various, Inc.

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Sunnyvale, California 94089
United States

Schmitt, Matthew hostmaster@various.com
Various, Inc.
Address: 220 Humboldt Ct
Sunnyvale, California 94089
United States
Phone: (408)745-5400
Fax: (408) 745-5675

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    i like going to the gym ,(which i must confess have been neglected for a couple…now a lot o months ) maintain a constant healthy lifestyle. Love country runs.I simply adore mother nature and what she has to offer ! My dream is to travel the world. I love R&b from the 70s-present, relaxation , peace and tranquil, dancing when i do go out. Enjoy adventurous and nature type activities, going to the beach for a swim just to name 1.My favorite TV shows r King and Queens, seinfeld, Family Guy, Married with children, Friends, to name a few. An honest mother of one, i know wat im all about and would appreciate a friend who is similar. Friendship before intimacy is the best thing for any couple.hope we share this same view..!:) Fun loving woman and very easy going, not to mention smart too: A great sense of humour is most welcome! i just like fun stuff if it means contesting in a game on playstation or wii…i will. i dont always playaround however i can b very stern in my job…

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